Will you use LACI if no PC?

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    Darren Tompkins


    The question and answers reqarding the LACI says ‘Local Service and local authorities should only use the 26-page HB/CTB claim form when the customer is not eligible for Pension Credit but wishes to claim HB/CTB’. However, the LACI will still probably cover most, if not all, of the questions that the standard 26 page form covers.

    Is this is the case what are you planning to do – use the LACI and just request any missing information and a signed declaration, or have the customer complete a full application form?


    Is the ultimate question, Darren, “Do you trust the verification and evidence gathering at the DWP?”

    Hmmmm, let me see 😉


    we will use the LAC1 and issue a request for any missing information.
    Asking the customer to complete a full application form goes against the reasons for introducing this process ie “reducing customer intrusion” and “simplifying the existing system ”
    The advice is that we should accept all verification done by pension service as per guidance in A12/07, but it appears that very few authorities will accept verification carried out by the pension serice on a case where the customer is not entitled to Pension Credit. Previoulsy we had the choice to use the figures provided by the Pension serice on these cases, However isnt it now the LAW that we MUST use the information.
    on a DNQ pension credit case, the pension serive has USED the information we must therefore also use it ?


    Hi , I queried this with the DWP and their response is below

    Question :
    If we receive the LACI – the Local Authority Claim Information document, if pension credit is disallowed – I am aware we will use the information if verified, however I am unsure if we need to then request a HB/CTB 26 page form if pension credit is disallowed or whether the LACI can be used.

    In disallowed/not entitled cases the LACI will show whether the financial information has been used or verified by The Pension Service. If the “verified” or “below threshold” indicator is on the LACI, you must accept the information stated on the LACI, and only approach the customer for missing or not verified information. It would not be appropriate to issue a HB/CTB 26 page claim form as you would already have the claim form (the LACI), and you would be asking the customer for duplicate information.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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