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    Two residents from a Womens Aid Refuge were given notice on 16.1.07 to vacate the property by midday on 17.1.07, the residents did vacate, but have left some of their belongings at the property.

    The Refuge have sought legal advice re the belongings and cannot touch them until they are allowed to dispose of them on 7.2.07.

    The Refuge are requesting that we pay HB upto 7.2.07, can we do this??


    No, not resident = no HB.

    Kevin D

    I agree with Martin with one qualification.

    HB is potentially payable under either [b:898ab2da12]HBR 7(6)(d)[/b:898ab2da12] [2-homes] or, if only one home is at issue, [b:898ab2da12]HBR 7(7)[/b:898ab2da12] or, conceivably, [b:898ab2da12]HBR 7(10)[/b:898ab2da12]. In all cases, only if the clmt could not reasonably have avoided liability in respect of the refuge.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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