Working Age / Pension Age Split

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    Julian Hobson

    Is anyone else out there getting the “message” that LA’s need to seriously consider reorganising on a Working Age/ Pension Age split ?

    If the answer is yes are you seriously considering it ?

    If you are considering it, what are you looking at doing ?

    You can Email me if you prefer


    Thought about it Julian but not a starter at the moment. Rather limits exprience and knowledge. But then you know my views on the potential for reductions in staff in HB over the next few years.

    Darren Tompkins

    We have set up a Pensioners Team and apart from the obvious problems getting information from the Pensions Service everything is running reasonably smoothly. We have found it beneficial to have only a small group have the in-depth training as it keeps the specialist knowledge in a small group, resulting in fewer queries and more accurate assessments. We also plan to deal with all aspects of pensioner claims, including visits and advice, which are currently dealt with by other sections, with the hope of improving customer relations.

    Currently, our authority splits claims along tenure types and the Pensioners Team is the first to deal with all tenure types. In this way we are acually going to develop staff instead of limiting experience. Further to this, at the present time I think Pension Age claims are more complex then Working Age claims. This may change as problems are ironed out but until then the team are certainly not being limited.

    Angeline Smith

    Having specialist teams can be fine, but if you run into periods of long term sickness, maternity leave, annual leave etc you could be creating problems for yourself in the long run. Our teams are completely multi-skilled dealing with all tenure types and income types and this seems to work best.

    Darren Tompkins

    Our Pensioner Team consist of 8 1/2 F/T staff with a range of experience.
    To cover the problems of leave, sickness, etc. we have given in-depth training to approximately 18 staff across the different tenure types. Those not actually on the team are reserves we can call upon if required.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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