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    On 13/12/12, a case was heard at FtT and the Councils decision upheld.  The appellant has accepted the decision in that she has not requested a statement of reasons or made application to UT.

    The original decision was made following a fraud investigation and fraud now want to prosecute.  I want to apply for a written statement of reasons so that the full facts of the decision made at FtT can be put in the prosecution file.

    Under these circumstances, can i request a SoR and can the Tribunal Service issue a SoR.  Bearing in mind that neither party is disupting the FtT decision.



    Yes you can technically..but the Appeals Service will get very annoyed if they find out why you are requesting it (it is a pet hate). It is an appeals process not a paperwork system to complete a fraud file….and I doubt it will help in any way. As the Council’s decision was upheld, the Judge may phone up to ask why you want it. I would agree with them to be honest; with so many appeals outstanding.


    Ok thanks. I agree, it is time a consumimg exercise when all the relevant info will be in the pro file anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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