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    Help! I cannot find the answer to this anywhere (although yes, admittedly I have been known to search with my eyes shut).

    We have a single claimant whose WTC award ended 01/04/05. From September 05 she qualified again for WTC as her hours went back up to 30. Unfortunately for us, Inland Revenue awarded her wtc back to 01/04/05 in error.

    We have received all this info retrospectively as the customer has not informed us of anything at all relating to taxcredits. So, my first question is, do we count this as income for the whole of the period for which she received it? Or if we ever get proof that tax credits issued an arrears payment in Sept 05, do we disregard this as arrears and just include taxcredits from Sept 05 as weekly income?

    To complicate matters further, from Sept 05 to Dec 05 she has been receiving manual emergency hardship payments, and I cannot seem to find any guidance re whether we include this as income or not.

    Can anyone rescue me from this mire I’m in? 😕

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