Yet more Stats 128 accuracy questions

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    [b:26cdc77ec4]General query to see what others would do in this circumstance:[/b:26cdc77ec4]

    MIS FAQs tell us you should make your Stats 128 selection as close as possible to the end of the quarter and should check the last decision made.
    We found a claim that had been incorrect at the end of the quarter. However the error had been identified by a separate quality check, and corrected before the Stats 128 check was carried out the following month.

    The last decision made on the claim prior to the selection was incorrect, but the Benefit award when actually checked was correct.

    [b:26cdc77ec4]QU : how would you record this claim on the Stats 128 ?[/b:26cdc77ec4]

    If ‘Correct’, how would you record a claim which had been correct at the end of the quarter but where a mistake had been made in a decision after selection but prior to checking ?

    Quick answers by poll, please, or add your own thoughts on this endlessly perplexing conundrum !


    My vote is [b:2e351d414b]incorrect[/b:2e351d414b].

    If it had been corrected within the quarter, I would say it was correct, but the PI is measuring the correctness of live caseload within a specific quarter.

    This also means you can be consistent with the other half of your question. If the last decision in the relevant quarter is correct, it would be correct for Stats 128. It would be interesting to see the argument for [b:2e351d414b]correct[/b:2e351d414b] in a bit of detail.


    I have to agree with chrisb on this one I’m afraid. In theory if you had performed your quarterley check on the 01 July 2006 it would have had to go down as an error.

    I appreciate that my argument is based on theory and not practical in anyway shape or form but the theory behind the PI is as chrisb states
    [quote:3e6d778534]but the PI is measuring the correctness of live caseload within a specific quarter.[/quote:3e6d778534]


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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