“Ask CPAG Online – Discretionary Housing Payments”


Ask CPAG Online – Discretionary Housing Payments

If you rent your home and are entitled to housing benefit or universal credit for your rent and / or service charges, you may be able to get extra payments to meet your housing costs from your local council.

These payments are called ‘discretionary housing payments’ (DHPs) because they are paid at the discretion of the local authority. They have become an increasingly important source of help for people struggling to meet their full housing costs because of the Government’s welfare reforms (including the ‘benefit cap’ and the ‘bedroom tax’).

Click on the links below for information and advice about DHPs, including how to apply for a payment and challenge decisions.

Can you get a discretionary housing payment?
How do you apply for and get paid a discretionary housing payment?
How can you dispute a discretionary housing payment decision?
How can you find out about your local DHP scheme?