Benefit cap “starting to bite” across Britain

Committee comments
Rt Hon Frank Field, Chair of the Committee, said:

“Once again we see a benefit change purported to push people into work, while the evidence points to the contrary effect. Changes that actually did save money and help the strivers get into proper, gainful employment would be very welcome, but that is not what we are seeing with new policies like Universal Credit or the lower benefit cap.”

Karen Buck MP said:

“As the benefit cap starts to bite across Britain it looks from the evidence we’ve seen so far like a drastic cut to income for people who are really unable to cut their living costs any further. The evidence does not show us that being plunged further into poverty encourages or helps people to find work, and the vast majority of those hit by this cut are already recognised as unable to work at the moment. It is very hard to see any benefit from the benefit cap.”

The inquiry is being discontinued as a consequence of the dissolution of Parliament, but the evidence submitted to the Committee provides an initial indication of the difficulties faced by claimants, housing providers and local authorities in the first few months of the lower cap’s implementation.