Benefits Simplification and the Customer (DWP)

This report seeks to provide a customer perspective on how the complexity of the system impinges on them, what factors are important in simplifying the process for customers and to make some proposals as to ways in which the system could be simplified. It looks specifically at benefits for working age customers and their families.

  Benefits Simplification and the Customer  
  Executive summary 3
Chapter One: The benefit check 12
Chapter Two: An improved application process 21
Chapter Three: An entitlement record 29
Chapter Four: New DLA application procedure for children 34
Chapter Five: The problems of making work pay 49
Chapter Six: Raise customer awareness of benefits and make changes that encourage and improve take-up 56
Chapter Seven: Making it easier for customers to make a claim – some interim steps 64
Chapter Eight: Reducing complexity caused by interaction between benefits 74
Chapter Nine: Removing complexity that creates barriers to work 83
Chapter Ten: Alignment 93
Appendix 1: Summary of proposals 107
Appendix 2: Organisations who were consulted in compiling the report 116
Appendix 3: Table showing benefit combinations 117
Appendix 4: Working with other departments to increase take-up of Disability benefits 120
Appendix 5: Effect on HB/CTB of TCO averaging childcare costs throughout the year 122
Appendix 6: Are disabled children more likely than other children to be in poverty 123
Appendix 7: List of Abbreviations 127


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