Changes to the regs in April 2012 … statutory instruments

SI 2012/0700

– updates a cross reference to Scottish legislation from 1 April 2012

SI 2012/0757

– amends references to paternity leave to include both ordinary and additional paternity leave and references to statutory paternity pay to include both ordinary and additional statutory paternity pay and extends circumstances for some full-time students to be treated as liable for rent and also eligible for council tax benefit. Effective 1 April 2012 (2 April for weekly rent payers)

SI 2012/0780 (the uprating order)

– the HB/CTB regulations have been updated to include the new amounts for personal allowances, premiums, non-dependant deductions and service charge deductions from 1 April 2012 (effective 2 April where rent paid weekly or in multiples of weeks)

SI 2012/0645

– amends the maximum overpayment recovery rate calculation for fraud overpayments, with effect from 1 April 2012

SI 2012/0646

– amends the rent officer orders in respect of LHA (increases to be by reference to 'CPI,' and LHA rates to be set annually) with effect from 2 April 2012

SI 2012/0824

– amends the HB/CTB overpayment 'offsetting' regulations with effect from 17 April 2012 to include reference to supersessions.

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