DHP clams “soar in wales”

  • Anglesey – claims have increased by 804%.
  • Conwy – claims have increased by 316%.
  • Newport – claims have increased by 266%.
  • Wrexham – claims have increased by 371%.
  •  The Vale of Glamorgan – claims have increased by 65%.

Poverty Minister for Wales Huw Lewis said:

“I welcome the opportunity to speak to Lord Freud directly about our very real concerns about how the changes to welfare are having a very real impact on the lives of people across Wales.”

“The ‘bedroom tax’ alone will see 40,000 families worse off and councils are telling us more people than ever before are applying for emergency help to pay the rent.

“By some estimates the wider welfare changes will take £1 billion out of the Welsh economy and it is the most vulnerable in our society who will feel the squeeze.

"The Welsh Government is committed to doing all we can to help people through these traumatic changes. However, we are under no illusion that people will suffer hardship and this will put even more pressure on public services in a climate where our budgets are being squeezed like never before.” 

Source: http://wales.gov.uk/newsroom/housingandcommunity/2013/130617-welfare-changes/;jsessionid=9FD7FD6509679EDC45C95BA8C775F41D?lang=en