New UC stats

New DWP statistics set out that:

99,310 people had made a claim for universal credit up to 7 May 2015;

60,800 (9 April 2015), attended an initial interview, accepted their claimant commitment, and moved on to universal credit;

Of the 46,920 people on the universal credit caseload at 9 April 2015, 16,740 (or 31 per cent) were in employment and 37, 230 (or 69 per cent) were not in employment.

52 per cent of people who started on universal credit were aged under 25;

46 per cent of the universal credit caseload in April 2015 had been on for less than three months; and

there are more males on the universal credit caseload than females (69 per cent compared to 31 per cent).