Reform of Council Tax Benefit – consultation

Localising support for council tax in England: Consultation

Topic of this consultation: This consultation seeks views on proposals for the localisation of council tax support in England from 2013-14.

Scope of this consultation: Localising support for council tax is part of a wider policy of decentralisation, giving councils increased financial autonomy and a greater stake in the economic future of their local area. The framework for local council tax support schemes will be established in a local government finance bill to be introduced in this Parliamentary session, and in regulations. The Government would welcome views on all aspects of the proposed approach set out in the document, in addition to the specific questions asked.

Geographical scope: This consultation applies only to England.

Impact Assessment: Basic Information

To: This is a public consultation and it is open to anyone to respond. We would particularly welcome views from:

– local authorities;

– local government professional and representative bodies;

– voluntary and third sector organisations.

Body/bodies responsible for the consultation: Local Government Finance Directorate, Department for Communities and Local Government.

Duration: 2 August 2011 to 14 October 2011.

Enquiries: Elise Laker 0303 444 1331 Michael Ning 0303 444 2072