Releasing resources to the front line (Gershon Review)

This document sets out the conclusions of Sir Peter Gershon's review of public sector efficiency. In particular, it sets out the scope for further efficiencies that he has identified within the public sector's back office, procurement, transaction service and policy-making functions. Sir Peter also identifies opportunities for increasing the productive time of professionals working in schools, hospitals and other frontline public services, and makes a series of cross-cutting recommendations to further embed efficiency across the public sector.

The Gershon Review concludes by summarising the specific efficiency proposals that Sir Peter developed with individual departments during the concluding phase of his review.

  Releasing resources to the front line  
Foreword Sir Peter Gershon to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer 3
Chapter 1 Introduction 5
Chapter 2 Identifying the scope for efficiencies 9
Chapter 3 Developing departmental efficiency proposals 21
Chapter 4 Delivering efficiencies 29
Chapter 5 Conclusions 35
Annex A Consultation document 37
Annex B Summary of consultation and engagement 41
Annex C Summary of departmental efficiency programmes 47
Annex D Acknowledgements 59


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