“Tenants face eviction over bedroom tax”

"People struggling to pay their rent because of the so-called “bedroom tax” are already being threatened with possible eviction just weeks after it came into force.

Thousands of people face losing their homes as councils and housing associations begin a clampdown on those in rent arrears. Councils in many areas began sending notice of arrears letters within weeks of the reform coming in on 1 April, many of which threaten eviction in the long-term if rent is not paid.

Tenants in Barnsley and Leeds told The Independent that their housing authority had told them their homes were at risk, while nearly a thousand people hav

In the latest indication of how benefit reforms are affecting vulnerable households, housing authorities reported large numbers of tenants simply unable to pay the extra rent.

Queens Cross Housing Association in Glasgow reported that 226 of the 291 tenants affected by the bedroom tax had been unable to pay, while in Nottingham, more than a third of the local housing association’s tenants now owe money for their rent. Manchester’s Southway Housing Trust reported that 650 social housing tenants had seen an increase in arrears. 

Portsmouth City Council said that 300 people were now in arrears. Tenants in Ayrshire, Brighton and South Lanarkshire have all received letters threatening eviction if shortfalls are not paid".