Universal Credit to “accelerate”

IDS Conference speech (there really is not much time left!).

A great reform, which ensures that at each and every hour, work always pays.

Universal Credit: a vision for a new welfare settlement, a welfare state fit for the 21st century.

A testament to the hard work of jobcentres and local authorities that we are implementing it:

Universal Credit has now rolled out in the North West of England – to couples, shortly to families, to more than 1 in 8 jobcentres by Christmas – safely and securely as we always said.

But, Conference, today I can announce more.

I can announce that we are going to accelerate the delivery of Universal Credit…

… from the New Year, bringing forward the national roll-out through 2015/16 to every community across Great Britain.

Secure national delivery… yet at the same time, delivering life change at a local level:

strengthening community partnerships, helping vulnerable households…

… getting people into a job quicker and staying in work longer…

… not just helping the economy but reducing child poverty as well.

Bringing up to £35 billion in economic benefits to Britain over the next decade…

… making a lasting difference to people’s lives…

… now and for generations to come.

Friends – Universal Credit is going nationwide – we are going to finish what we started.