This course is being run in house.

9 October 2015 – landlord day

Obtaining properties cheap is one thing; letting them out and getting the highest rents is another. Hbinfo specialises in Housing Benefit and with the Government “buying” 40% of the private rental market and unemployment continuing to increase, this is an area that landlords cannot ignore. Many tenants in work receive a Housing Benefit top-up and the numbers have increased dramatically over the last few years.

Your membership includes a specialist and private message board facility for one year which is used extensively by a number of well-known landlords looking for advice.

The training day includes everything you need to know about Housing Benefit and the LHA scheme. What amounts of rent is the tenant entitled to? When does this change? Increase? HMO’s, looking at property in a different light for letting purposes and many other aspects . Worried about overpayments? Why? Landlords are almost never liable to repay…but if you don’t know the law, it is difficult to dispute this.

We will also be looking at the key changes coming in next year. They are substantial! From the end of Council Tax Benefit to Universal Credit to changes in the way rent increases are dealt with. Hbinfo is completely unique; with over 30 years of experience in this field and a huge membership of professional staff who work in this area.

All in all, a packed day with many practical examples that should help landlords increase their understanding and thereby the amount of rents they receive.

Not to be missed!