Regulation 8 and 9….contrived tenancies - half day course

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8th Oct 2024 Zoom Book Now

We are delighted to offer a course that looks at all the issues affecting questionable arrangements that HB practitioners tend to refer to under the umbrella term of “contrived” tenancies.

The programme:
The days of a landlord providing a rent book and then being able to rent out a property are long gone. Similarly asking if a landlord will evict if the tenant does not pay the rent is almost irrelevant these days (and will become more so when Section 21 is abolished later in the year). Many contrived and “family” arrangements can fall foul of the both the civil and criminal laws. Hbinfo message boards are full of this type of case; many involving those of pension age these days.
As well as tenancies that have been created purely in order to abuse the HB scheme (true contrived tenancies), we consider related issues including:
• Commerciality
• Sham
• Specific situations catered for by Reg 9(1) (close relatives, child, landlord, former partner etc)
• Claimants who appear to have some kind of stake in the property
• Cases where the landlord appears not to be authorised to rent out the property.
This course is aimed at ALL benefits staff.

A detailed case law update will include many of the key cases that affect this area of HB.Fees are £130 per delegate, £230 for non-members,

Fees are due, PRIOR to training being delivered
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Course times are 09.15 for a PROMPT 09.30 start and all courses finish by approximately 13.15-13.30

Delegates are advised The course information presented has been researched thoroughly and is presented in all good faith. Hbinfo Ltd accepts no liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or your use of the information contained in their training courses.