The basics of supported exempt accommodation - half day course

This course is being run in house.

Hbinfo is delighted to offer this course which looks at the basics of supported exempt accommodation.  This course is ideal for Assessors (whether new, or seeking a refresher), Team Leaders and Quality Assurance officers.  Application of the regulations, case law and the decisions of Upper Tribunal Judges is included.

Times 9.30 am to 1.15 pm (approx)

This basic day is intended for those who do not need to deal with the full complexities of assessing exempt claims and should be seen as a starter course to the one day hbinfo course. Starting with a look at the original case that looked at what Housing Benefit could and could not cover, this basic course will give an insight and understanding of what exempt is from the perspective of HB. Charities, registered and non-registered housing associations, private “for profit” organisations, eligible and ineligible service charges are just some of the key statutory issues that need to be understood in an area that is perhaps the most complex area currently in Housing Benefit and one that has cost staggering amounts over the last twenty or so years, much of it funded by local authorities.

The supported housing sector is very diverse, comprising housing associations and local council housing, as well as charities and voluntary organisations. Housing providers and schemes can vary significantly in size and scale: from large organisations with tens of thousands of residents across the country, to smaller local providers who may own one property.

The way accommodation and support services are delivered also varies between schemes; some organisations own properties, some provide support (either within their own or another property), and some may do both.

Sorting all this out creates more queries on hbinfo than any other topic; as landlords and their advisors set up ever more complex schemes.  Hopefully, this half day course will be a good place to start.