Reply To: afghan and ukrainian customers


The press today said 16,000 property rentals are being used by the Home Office to house people (I guess housed in private rentals and the agreement with the landlord/owner is usually 5 years). Landlords can get fined under the Right to Rent etc rules but I dont think there is an issue if the Home Office is the “tenant”. You can understand that the Home Office are under pressure to cut hotel bills etc.

I cannot see how the homeless criteria can be met because many will be single men with unknown or no health issues so the Council (unlike the Home Office) has no responsibility.

So we have same this issue again. Why HB instead of UC? The amounts paid would likely be the same….except that the Council would have to pick up some of the tab via subsidy if HB. I can think of no other reason to press for HB (apart from politics). All very difficult of course.