Reply To: Help for Pensioner 3 months backdate


back in the day, when a customer applied for pension credit, they got a form to copmpete asking if they paid rent/ ctax etc ( similar to an NHB1 if your old enough to remeber those!!!)

The fact that UC continuied to pay is irrelevant – offical error on one benefit does not preclude them from receiving HB.

The only way you can pay id if you accept that when they made a claim for PC, they also made a claim for HB at a designated office ( the DWP is a designated office for HB) and its got lost in transit – thats not a back date.

Problem is, had it not aurtomated, you probably would have cpntacted the,m/ invited a claim (assuming you didnt get the PCGC form)

As an aside How do you keep managing to post ona board thats not in use?? this shows onthe Pre 2006 board which says ists closed…. the main board is the 2006 page
Idf be looking to find a way to pay it.