Reply To: Blameless tenant recovery and subsidy on Northgate

Peter Barker

Blameless tenant refers to a case where an overpayment is recoverable from a landlord, and recovery is made by deducting money from the HB entitlement of one or more other tenants whose HB is paid to the same landlord. If you are describing non-HRA rebate cases, where the Council is the landlord, the blameless tenant procedure has nothing to do with that at all.

Just to be clear, when you pay HB in a non-HRA rebate case, you are not paying HB to the landlord because you are the landlord. The overpayment cannot be recoverable from the landlord because you are the landlord, you cannot recover money from yourself.

What you have here is a Cell 27 technical “overpayment”, which isn’t really an overpayment at all because the termination of the rent account renders the HB that has been “paid” a nullity. The fact that some money has moved between different LA cost centres is of no consequence, you will just have to un-move it.