Reply To: Claimant and partner separate; claimant moves to new addres


its unlikely his rent liability started midf week – who are his landlords? HA or council are wkkly rents and unlikely to have awarded a new tenancy agreement –

If its weekly, AND he has a new tenancy, then its ok as youd treat hima s liable from the monday of the week he claimsed and you got a claim that friday

But i doubt hes got a new tenancy – morelikely (at the moment) hits the same agreement and his pension backdate wont help as that only backdates the claim date – the start date is still the following monday

I thin you can pay it as backdated benefit so your claim date and start date are the same – the backdated period wit]ll be fromwhen he claimed on 5 april until “notrmal” hb starts on Monday 8th