Reply To: Probate not applied for

John Boxall

so what would the in the alternative be for me with this claim?

1) adverse inference cos we think you have £800k worth of house you inherited from you late dad ( bought on a right to buy for less 10% of its current value… and bought for less than the current HB overpayment he is appealing against!!!! ) cos you havent provided the info we asked for –

would 2in the alternative be

2) depravation? because hes found the money to get energy certs. get flat rewired/ “complete refurbished throughout so it can be rented for a market rent” (his words) but he hasn’t applied for probate which would make him a legal owner of the property

I want this to be as water tight a possible so any suggestions/pointers of what in the alternative i could use would be gratefully received!

Thanks – Prisca

If you assume that somehow its not your claimants capital, my suggestion might be that he’s receiving income in the form of the rent from the property

BUT I will make the point again, inform HMRC as there are a number of issues involving tax, and potentially beneficiaries of his fathers will/intestacy that may have been denied money that is rightfully theirs

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