Reply To: Can Capital finance costs be eligible for HB ?


Hello – in no way an expert but…

I suppose it depends on whether the £240.07 is now the core rent or whether that is included alongside another rent charge to the tenant? I would be asking questions of that. When your HA was the leaseholder then they would have paid a lease charge to the property owner and that would have been charged onto the individuals. Now that they are the property owner realistically the £240.07 is now the core rent and is replacing the original core rent? What were they charging/being charged previously as their core rent? The HA will want to break even at the end of the day – if they’ve had those charges then they will want to recoup them and that should be the basis of their core rent to the individual – if they’ve then added another liability on top to say, we want this money back for the outlay AAAAANNNNDDDD we want you to pay us rent as well then it kind of suggests that there’s profit being made there and whether that flies in the face of what they are set-up to do.

Restricting it is where you will have issues. I am going to assume that its exempt accommodation – so C/S/S is provided by or on behalf of your HA? Given that the individuals probably are classed as vulnerable then you can only restrict it where there is suitable alternative accommodation available and it is reasonable, given all the factors, for the individuals to move from that accommodation to the alternative accommodation – a heavy burden on you to prove.