Reply To: Landlord Query Re UC/ One for debate maybe

jason squire

You're right Andy, the provision of the Support must be needed for it to be considered SEA. This is why I am generally opposed to sharing any lists of SEA with DWP; each case should be assessed on its merits.

Having said all this, in this situation with the Change in Circs, I think it gets a little messier… UC has 'joint claims' HB doesn't… If we assess Mr as the claimant and his partner moves out, but there is no other CIC, I don't see this as a trigger that would necessarily mean a move to UC. Technically it would be the right thing to do but I think that practically, this could remain as HB. If, however, Mrs is the claimant and she moves out then Mr is required to make a new claim and so has to be UC.