Reply To: UC Full Service JSA(C) and HB



just wondering any advice/link to New Style JSA and New Style ESA regs./DWP guidance with regards to new claims on New Style JSA/ESA but having existing legacy benefits, in particular HB?

My point of view would be that the person can stay on the legacy benefits as it is just a change of income/circumstances not requiring to make a new claim for means tested benefits however, after searching internet and books for hours could not find it covered anywhere?

My case is somebody who had CTC, CB, HB, CTRS and CA with IS top up. the person stopped being a carer but as s/he had been working prior claiming the CA under the ESA regs protected his/her contr. and could make a claim for New Style ESA. as it took DWP a while her/his HB stopped in the mean time as New Style ESA is under an umbrella of UC hence clt should make a claim for UC. I disagree but we are now trying to find it black and white what would be the correct  way. Basically, the same should apply for anybody who worked, claim HB, CTRS, CTC, WTC, CB and fell ill or lost job, having enough of contr. Again, in my opinion this person would make a claim for New Style ESA or New Style JSA respectively, which would result in change of cirm for HB but should be able to stay on HB and other legacy benefits (of course except of the redundancy where s/he would have to report the loss of job for WTC purposes and under the falling ill rules did not qualify for SSP)

would be very grateful for any advice/links