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    The Northgate draft guide advises:-

    [quote:aabdecb8ea]3.9 DHPs
    DHPs should only be awarded up to the level of the contractual rent, not the LHA if this is higher

    Is this correct?


    My understanding is that there is no change to the way DHP is calculated.

    It is still contractual rent less ineligible charges (same as for the 13 week/12month protection periods)


    I think you will find there is no cap on DHP’s in the legislation, whatever anybody’s “guidance” says!

    chris harvey

    I think the policy intention was to limit DHP’s to the gap between the benefit award and the contractual rent less ineligible services. This would enable DHP’s to cover shortfalls due to the application of Rent Officers determinations as well as non dep charges and excess income. However the way the legislation has been drafted does not quite achieve this. It’s in reg 4 of the Discretionary Financial assistance Regs which limits the DHP to the rent charge less ineligibles. So this means you can pay a DHP up to this figure as well as the the usual benefit award.
    For example a claimant entitled to maximum benefit has his contractual rent less ineligibles amount of £100 per week reduced by the Rent Officers CRR or LRR figure of £80. You can award HB of £80 per week plus a DHP of up to £100 per week making a potential maximum of £180 per week.
    I’m sure the DWP would not want us to award £180 but that’s what the legislation allows us to do. Another example of sloppy drafting by the DWP’s legal boffins.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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