E-mailing Tax Credits (sigh)

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    I e-mailed Tax Credits for an award. As is not unusual the info I sent did not agree with what they hold.

    OK, this isn’t unusual but their reply is a classic of its type. In full it is…

    “Thank you for your e-mail

    There is an inconsistency with the Personal Data held for this claimant.

    Please resubmit providing applicants details recorded on our records in order that we can process your enquiry.

    Email Links to Local Authorities Contact Team”

    They’re kidding, surely. 😯

    When did we have to become mind-readers??


    They can be the same when you phone them up stating that details do not match those they hold…but not giving a clue as to what you told them was wrong or missing.

    I just phone again and normally get a more reasonable person… 🙄


    Mind readers? 😉
    Wasn’t that the 1988 legislation? 8)


    Have started getting claimants who state Tax Credits will not issue them further letters. I am then unable to get through on the phone- ‘you have failed our security check’ which means its nigh on impossible to get the info required! 🙄


    On a more serious note we have come accross this as well, and at least on one occassion have had to use evidence of payments into bank account. Not perfect by any means, but at least it gives us a figure we can use in an assessment 8)


    Unfortunately thats what I’ve had to do on a few occasions. It also seems its not the claimants fault as Tax credits do not seem to be issuing letters and still refuse to give information to Local Authorities (when info doesn’t match). Soon CIS should be giving Tax Credit info which should help(if CIS reliability and accuracy are improved) 😆

    Carol Meredith

    Yet another tearful lady told me only yesterday that she has had no tax credit letters since March 06 when they confirmed her 2005/2006 award. We had asked for copies of her current letters and she had just had another frustrating phone call with Tax Credits when they said that they have no idea when the computer problem will be solved. As a result, not only is she having problems with her HB but she has lost her free school meals as she cannot prove that she qualifies for them.


    [quote:be235fff44=”Will”]Have started getting claimants who state Tax Credits will not issue them further letters. I am then unable to get through on the phone- ‘you have failed our security check’ which means its nigh on impossible to get the info required! :roll:[/quote:be235fff44]

    I’ve had problems like this myself – usually because they have a “middle” name for claimant which has not been disclosed to us .. or sometimes the address may not be quite right e.g. have advised address as Willow Farm when they have “The” Willow Farm. However more recently I have had emails returned as described above, yet when ringing up and giving exactly same info as on email they have accepted my query 🙄


    I have had similar problems to Kerry and now advise staff to put in middle name if known, also my LA IS Moray and they held on the clm application that it was morayshire and was unable to 1) get information or 2) speak to supervisor -I eventually gave up advised clm to contact IR and ask also why I was not given info.
    I can appreciate that they want to be secure however surely if they have approved and set up the secure email link that they would be satisfied. Could it not be that we add on our LA reference numbers and they cross reference that with staff at LA. Or just going back to basics why dont they just pick up phone and speak to LA officer!. At the end of the day we all should be working together!Rant over now!

    Andy Thurman

    I’d go with Jon’s suggestion if required – as HB/CTB is all about amounts of TC paid, as long as you are careful not to count one-off arrears payments, you have the amount paid & date of payment so no problem.

    Probably easier to work from than either the award letter or e-mail! 🙄


    Thought this might be of interest to you all. I wrote this for a previous post.

    ”We have just had this problem as we came across a claimant who had not been notified of her entitlement to ctc for 2006/2007 and tax credits wouldn’t/couldn’t send her a letter.

    I spoke to a manager at the call centre who advised me that approx 300,000 people are affected in this way due to a computer problem. The solution he gave me was as follows: –

    call the tax credit helpline and have the claimant with you and they can authorise the person on the phone to give you the annual income figure.

    The call centre has to give you this information with the claimants consent, if they refuse ask to speak to their supervisor/line manager. This call must then be escalated and the information will be given to you.

    We haven’t so far had any problems with this though I have the managers direct line if I do!!! ”


    This is the holy grail! We have not been given anything like this and still have to ring!
    Could someone please let me have the e-mail address!
    I would be forever grateful as would my team!

    😆 😆 😆


    It’s ‘ntcla@inlandrevenue.gov.uk’

    The e-mail MUST be exactly like this….

    HB Officer Name :

    HB Contact Number:

    LA Case Reference:

    Claimants Name :

    Claimants Address:

    Claimants Postcode:

    Claimants NINO :

    Claimants DOB :

    Awards Period Requested : 2006/07

    (or 07/08 etc)


    That is fantastic Martin! Thank you so much!

    Would you be able to give me an idea of turn around times for replies?

    Thanks again!


    replies are usually within 24 hours, though more recently it has taken up to 3 days or so due to their sytem problems/upgrade or something to that effect.

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