Expired passports

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    A question that has come up in VF training is whether we can accept expired passports as proof of identity.

    A Team Leader has suggested that we can as long is it is no more than 5 years since they expired. Online answers vary.

    Does anyone have a current procedure for accepting expired documents or not?



    My passport has expired. However, my name and date of birth haven’t changed and I still look like the photo in it (a bit greyer but there you go). While it may not be a valid passport, it [i:00ffb6172f]can [/i:00ffb6172f]still be a useful piece of evidence that can help confirm ID. I would certainly advise that an expired passport can [i:00ffb6172f]help [/i:00ffb6172f]to build a “picture of a claimant’s identity” (I think that’s how the VF manual put it). It’s not definitive, it’s not quiet as good as a current passport but it can help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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