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    We have a case where a married couple are claiming benefits as follows:
    Mr JSA (IB) and Mrs Incap Benefit short term higher – can they do this or should Mr be claiming for Mrs. (On the annual uprating circular there are no rates for couples for Income Support)

    Kevin D

    It’s quite possible that one person in a couple can get IS/JSA(IB) if the other is on IB. If their total income is below JSA(IB) levels, then JSA(IB) will be payable.

    As for HB/CTB, either of the couple can claim – the other benefits have no bearing on that. But, for clarity, there is no such thing as a “joint” claim for HB/CTB. There can only be ONE claimant (see [b:d18757a22e]CH/3817/2004 – para 8[/b:d18757a22e] ).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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