Local Housing Stock Transfer

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    Morning all

    My LA is in the process, all bar it going for vote with residents, in ‘transferring’ off all of our Housing stock

    I wonder if any of you have been through the same process and if any of you could enlighten me to the impact it had on your benefits service?

    Did your workload increase, did your processing times change, did you lose or gain any benefits staff, did it have any noticeable impact at all?

    Any views greatly anticipated and appreciated




    I dont think it has had a huge impact (we have had 3 stock transfers all slightly different).

    If you are keeping an electronic interface with the ‘new’ landlord’s rent system then it should be fairly easy especially when it comes to year end and uprating rents. Otherwise I guess all the tenants have to get used to reporting rent increases etc themselves and your staff inputting them doing them one by one just like they would for a housing association.

    I dont think it has made any difference to staff numbers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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