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    Its friday and I am finding hard to think straight anymore, was hoping anyone could help!!

    when does the 4-week run on start? i.e if they move out on 15/11/06 a wednesday do we pay to the following sunday and then 4 more weeks i.e to 17.12.06 or does the 4 weeks start from 14/11 and we pay to 12/12/06

    I know it may be simple but its Friday!!!


    The Regs are not well-drafted here. Reg 79(2A) (working age edition – it’s Reg 59(2A) in the 60+ Regs) says that the commencement of a four-week overlap takes effect on the day it happens, but Reg 7(6) (as amended from last Monday) still talks about “a period not exceeding four benefit weeks”. Well, on the one hand 4 and a half weeks does exceed four benefit weeks, but on the other hand how are you supposed to measure whole-week benefit weeks from the middle of a week?

    I think the intention is probably four exact calendar weeks, but an appeal case could certainly made for saying that you round up to the next whole benefit week.


    I tend to agree Peter

    4 benefit weeks is what it says in the Regs- but the effective date is unclear

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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