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    Claimant was assessed on srp and occ pen from december. she has now been awarded pension savings credits from August 2006. Have taken claim back to august 2006 but do we include saving credit amount from august ongoing or do we end it in december and re start from when we were notfied by pension service.
    the overall effect is she is better off anyway but if its ongoing from august there will be small overpayment which is ofset by large underpayment. 🙄


    First let me make sure I understand exactly what has happened here. The claimant has been awarded Savings Credit for a period before the start of the HB/CTB claim.

    The new combined amount of HB/CTB and SC is more than the original HB/CTB alone, but HB/CTB itself has gone down.

    There was no HB/CTB in payment in August – the December award is a new one.

    Have I got that right?

    Presumably there is a good reason why HB/CTB was not awarded prior to December – like the claimant has only just moved in or something like that?

    I ask all this because the first instinct when dealing with a new SC award is to look at HB Reg 60(5) which says the change of circumstance, including the AIF, takes effect from the Monday after the ETD notice is received. But it can be more complicated if there is to be a new award of HB/CTB at the same time, and there is also a conflict with D&A Reg 4(7B).

    It will be easier get to grips with those issues if the sequence of events is clearer. Can you flesh it out, and in particular say whether bthere is any reason why HB/CTB cannot be paid from August (or even earlier)?



    The claim was received in december and we could assess as new cliam but did not have details of income household etc prior to december. the assessor did write out for details of household income etc prior to december but did not receive a reply within one month so took no further action.
    as pension service have just made decision she is entitled to pension savings credit from august cliam was re assessed from august and she has approx £12 per week addtional income via pension savings credit.
    hope that clarifies details.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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