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    [b:56a1d6d416]scenario 1: [/b:56a1d6d416]claim decision identified for checking and since the date of calculation 3 items of evidence have been received but ignored and completed on the DIP system.

    [b:56a1d6d416]scenario 2:[/b:56a1d6d416] LA is in massive backlog and since date of calculation for checking on Stats 128 3 items of evidence have yet to be actioned

    Question – whats the difference between the above scenarios.

    We have been advised that choosing to ignore an item of evidence that was received after the date of the decision to be checked constitutes a decision in its own right and therefore forms part of the Stats 128 check and is therefore an error

    I would welcome your comments



    Would the items of post completed of the dips system ever be looked at or would they just be forgotten?

    I would have thought if they had been completed off the dips system nothing further is going to be done with them and therefore you could say the assessor has made the decision that they won’t affect the claim!!!!

    Also once completed off the dips system how are they distinquished from post correctly completed off?

    I am a team leader for a QA section and we would definately pull the assessor up for this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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